Fit for the challenge!

More and more people are finding themselves fascinated by playing golf. Because of the high demand in the past, we have decided to create an extended offer of this sport. It will happen in cooperation with the golfclub „Konzept-Gold“. You will learn how to strike the ball from the driving range and train your game on the green and in the bunker.

The teeing grounds on the golfcourse are heated and have rooftops, it is therefore possible to train the whole year regardless of the weather.

The course will be held with a minimum of 6 participants. It will be held once a week and run for one month. If one course should happen during a public holiday, the course dates will all happen one week later. If you participate, you will be able to freely use the golfcourse during the time of the course, therefore for one month!

The number of participants is restricted, if there should be too many applicants, the final decision will be decided by lot.

Registration: Sa., 27th of Oct 2018 at 12pm until Mo., 29th of Oct at 12pm
Costs: 30€
Begin: ab 6th of Nov 2018


Tag Beginn Ende Niveau Ort Bemerkungen Anmeldung Kursausfälle
Dienstag 14:00 15:00 Konzept Golf nur Vorlesungszeit…
Samstag 11:00 12:00 Konzept Golf nur Vorlesungszeit…