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Windsurfen Holland

Your residence will be on camping ground „Wolphartsdijk, only 100 meters away from Veersemeer, so you don´t have to carry the equipment on far distances. The course includes at least 3 hours of exercise per day, given by experienced Windsurfing teachers. The lessons will include a theoretic part, too, so you have the option to get the windsurfing certificate when you finish the course. Material is all in.


Date:   29.06. – 01.07.2018

                   2,5 days Windsurfen

Price:        115 €

Wasserski und Wakeboard

Water Ski-Ropeway Langenfeld offers low-priced courses for Hochschulsport.

First starts are made with common skis that first successes come after just half an hour. After that you can choose whether you want to continue with wakeboards or skis.


– This offer is especially for beginners

– You need to be able to swim

– Normal health insurance is enough


The dates and conditions will be published in the next weeks.

Schwimmen (Kostenlos!)

Despite crowded public baths and high cost, we offer swimming for free! We are able to invite you to join a professional swim course („Freischwimmer“).

After asking students, swimming is still one of the most popular sports.


–                    Courses only for swimmers!

–                    Limited number of Participants

Kitesurfen in Holland

Kitesurfing is the new trend in Watersports! It combines speed, adventure and might give you a real thrill! Summer in Netherlands is said to be the best thing for beginners in kitesurfing.

You will be taught everyday guaranteed 3 hours in Kitesurfing from experienced, professional coaches. It might be even more time, it depends last but not least on personal condition.

Don´t worry about equipment, it is all rented in the course fee.

Your accommodation is a beautiful located bungalow park „Veluwestrandbad“, close to the sea and Kitesurf school.

The modern and comfortable bungalows and mobile homes are full furniture, from a complete kitchen with gas oven to shower bathroom, WC, TV, and even an own terrace.

The mobile homes have electrical oven, and a stereo system and

furthermore 4 twin rooms. You can sleep in one of 2 twin rooms.

Price per person and night: 15€.

Because the supermarket is close, it will be easy to cater for yourself.

Course 1:     01.06. – 03.06.2018

                   2,5 days Kitecamp

Price:        189 €

Course 2:     29.06. – 01.07.2018

                   2,5 days Kitecamp

Price:        189 €

Aqua Mix

Aqua-Mix is an effective, whole body workout, which combines different tendencies.

In this course a high diversity of Aqua-Fitness is practiced.

This can be for example, besides classical Aqua- Jogging, everything from Aqua-Step, Aqua-Boxing and Aqua-Walking to Interval training and Circuit training.

Every lesson can be different – one time focused on strength, next time more stamina – You will find out what you like best!

Please note:

Limited Number of participants!