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Gym for free!

Have a break and clear your mind!

In cooperation with the most popular fitness contractor in Cologne, we provide you an immense offer of fitness- and wellness activities.

You can train from morning till evening, seven days a week in a huge amount of fitness clubs in Cologne and surrounding. On more than 33.000 square meters you have the possibility to use modern and variable fitness tools. Furthermore you have the possibility to take part in more than 2500 courses, from Yoga to Zumba; we have a course for everybody! The use of the saunas is included, too.

A compact introductory course (theory and praxis) is practiced in small groups. In this course important principles for health-focused training are taught.


New: Online-registration!


Registration for the semester: 08.04.2019; 12.00 h till 09.04.2019; 12.00 h

Important: You need to be able to pick up your card PERSONALLY on Thursday; 11.04.19 from 10.00 - 13.00 h at the Hochschulsportbüro 1 (Uni Mensa)

Registration: --> Here!

Registration for the holidays: 22.07.2019; 12.00 h till 23.07.2019; 12.00 h


Registration: --> Here!


*In case that your demand is higher than our contingent, the lot decides! Those who are first will not be preferred!

Student ID and personal ID are needed!


The offer is only for the students of Colognes universities!


Limited number of participants!


Important: Please pay attention to the default registration times!


Just Fit 01
Amsterdamer Str. 133a, 50735 Köln

Just Fit 02
Turiner Str. 10, 50668 Köln

Just Fit 03
W.-von-Siemens Str. 1, 50226 Frechen

Just Fit 04
Hans-Böckler-Str. 2, 51503 Rösrath

Just Fit 05 – Feminin
Aachener Str. 1143, 50858 Köln

Just Fit 06
Hürth Park B148, 50354 Hürth

Just Fit 07
Opladener Str. 2, 42799 Leichlingen

Just Fit 08
Aachener Str. 1281, 50859 Köln

Just Fit 09
Am Falder 14, 50171 Kerpen

Just Fit 10
Otto-Hahn-Str. 19, 50997 Köln

Just Fit 11
Niehler Str. 94, 50733 Köln

Just Fit 12
Neue Weyerstr. 6, 50676 Köln

Just Fit 13 (am Zülpicherplatz)
Hohenstaufenring 30-32, 50674 Köln

Köln Just Fit 14 
Rudolfstr. 10, 41068 Mönchengladbach

Just Fit 15 (Deutz an der TH)
Gummersbacher Str. 29, 50679 Köln

KölnJust Fit 16
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 11, 50354 Hürth

Just Fit 17
Sindorferstr. 48 a, 50171 Kerpen

Just Fit 18
Richard-Wagner-Straße 51 – 53, 50674 Köln

Just Fit 19
Leipziger Str. 40, 50126 Bergheim

Just Fit 20
Oberaußemer Str. 59, 50129 Bergheim